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Monia Alim
Leader, Uttaron | Senior Software Engineer,
Report Development,
Microfinance Solutions &
 It is my great pleasure to get the opportunity as Women Leader for “Uttaron”- Women Forum of BRAC IT Services Limited. It was formed in June 23rd, 2016, this is a platform to exchange ideas on a broad range of topics of common interest. Through this forum I would like to ensure equal rights & judgment for women, professional development & step up for women empowerment so that more women can come forward to take the leadership. It is our duty to change the mindset of society to support women to come forward for challenging profession like IT, Journalism, Photography & mark footsteps in every field.  I do believe, if we really have the passion & try harder, we can achieve something. Being part of this women forum, I would like to encourage other women so that they practice mental strength, hard work & dedication to achieve their goals. We intend to set ourselves as an example in IT Sector especially for Women in Bangladesh.I would like to thank the management of biTS to take such an initiative which works as Change Agent in biTS for human rights. We aim to work together so that we can bring visible changes for women & remarkable footprints in the society. Our target is not only for the women of biTS but also the underprivileged women of the society. We encourage the underprivileged women to widen the awareness to their families & friend which may increase the circle of understanding.

I extend my very best wishes for the future growth & development of Uttaron & hope this will grow up into a robust network for women empowerment.

I look forward to my involvement and achievement with the forum in the years to come.


Ismat Jahan 
Senior Manager,
Human Resources


It’s a matter of pride to be one of the artisans of Uttaron – the women forum of BRAC IT Services Limited since its formation on June 23rd, 2016.  Uttaron is a Bangla word which means “To Rise”. The forum is named as Uttaron as the members aim to rise, overcome challenges which they face in every aspect of their life i. e: professional and beyond.  Women Forum- Uttaron is a platform for women to work as a Change Agent in biTS with a motto to ensure equal rights for women, accelerate women empowerment, assure enheightened opportunity for women’s professional development, their professional excellence and recognition.Being one of the Custodians of bright & young diverse work force in biTS, I always feel very proud to see that women are coming forward and equally creating positive impact in terms of intellectual investment, demonstration of professionalism, work ethic, dedication, hard work and commitment towards organization. The male and female workforce ratio of  6:1 in biTS clearly indicates that, an IT organization of a developing country like Bangladesh have reached quite a vigorous way towards the goal of equal employment, skill development and Career Progression opportunity for women.  Additionally, Uttaron’s presence and actions will be adding values towards ensuring equal opportunity if this forum functions at its best and eventually transform biTS into an exemplary IT Company in Bangladesh and beyond as far as gender equality is concerned.My best wishes for the vibrant forum’s amazingly talented women!
With best wishes

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